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Galactic Federation Flag

The galactic federation of free alliances is a powerful organization that stands for justice and democracy. They swear to protect and serve the interests of their members, without taking kindly to anyone who tries to rebel.

Galactic Federation Flag Ebay

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The galactic federation flag is a five-foot tall, 90-meter-long flag made of purple and red cloth. The flag is orange and green. this flag is a 5 ft. Tall flag made of red flags with a 5-foot by 5-foot design. The design is made of stars and is made of strong cloth. The flag is hung from a large red star at the top of a room in a house. this flag is a 5' by 5'". It is made of red-colored fabric, and has a green field. It is inspired by the green-colored flag of the red-colored government of the empire. this flag is a 5'x7' flag made out of red and green starched fabric. It is designed to represent the five star systems that make up thefilipinel of the great galactic empire. The flag is filled with room decor star wars elements such as stars, planets, and storms.