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German Flag Ww2

This is a great photo book for german flag fans! It contains a photo of a wwii german female soldier flaging, with the wehrmacht's thunderbolts written on the side. This is a great gift for any german military personnel or patriot!

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Top 10 German Flag Ww2

This is a flag from the nazi great war era. It is a size 11. The flag is made of finest silk and is 12 inches by 12 inches. It is made of well-hone gold and is polished to a sheath. The flag is signed by a select few. It is presented with a gold scroll with the third reich logo. this is a beautiful german flag eagle emblemmed with a deutschland ww2 germany pin and italian "atalanta" in blue. The flag is encased in a brownbrochade and has a brooch badge on the front. There is a replica badge on the back. This flag is perfect for any german military or patrioticthemed finale! the german flag was promoting gas warning as a way to prevent damage to buildings and themselves. They used this flag to promote their message to the public. the ww2 german mauser k98 is a powerful rifle that was used in the holocaust. It is still used by the stasi and by the police in many countries around the world. The flag of germany has always been one of the most important flags of the world.