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German Flag

This 3x5 german deutsch reich imperial germany ww1 historical naval flag banner is made of 100% wool and is a great addition to your ecommerce store. It is comfortable to wear and will add a touch of elegance to your otherwise commercial looking page.

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German Flag Amazon

This flag is made of 3x5 fabric and is made of 100d fabric. It is made of new 100d fabric and has a german flag on the front and the world war 1 jack flag on the back. this flag is made from a three-story flagpole with a five-pointed star on the hoist. The star is in the center of the pole and the flag is instead of the center of the room. The star is white with a red stripe down the middle of the flag. The stripe is right justified and the red and white are above the star. The star is even smaller than the flagpile and is only 2x2inch. this flag is made of 5'' wide polyester banner polyester and has brass grommets. It is 3'' high and will fly for 3 hours. this flag is a great choice for a summer day as it features a cool breeze 3x5 foot code name "breeze" design. With a polyester material background and white eagle flags, this flag will represent the friendly country you know.