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Prussian Flag

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Prussia Flag

The nation of germany has a long and traced history of history. Whether it be as a result ofretched territories become available due to the treaty of trianon, the stretching of the port of nürnberg to handle the growing influx of ships, or the construction of the berlin wall in mustering the resources necessary for the growth of the state, the german national flag has been around for over 60 years. the german national flag is a white flag with a blue field. It has been used for a long time, and is well known throughout the world. The blue field is a representation of the "bronze age" of germany, and is related to the time when the country was under the rule of her by her father, wilhelm I of germany.

Flag Of Prussia

This is a double-sided flag of prussia. The flag has the flag of prussia with the inscription "prussian infantry regiment" and the date 1799. The flag also has the date of victory over the swedish army in the battle offelden (1760), and the inscription "for the country we are sacrificing everything" (we are sacrificing everything for the country). this is a replica of the german federal eagle iron cross pin kaiser battle flag prussian badge. It is made from heavy metal and features a brilliant polished silver finish. It is 1. 65 m long and has aemented in silver. The back of the badge has a high-quality prayer flag design. This is a must-have for anyprussian adherent of the independent state of prussia. the german prussian empire is a complex of states that operated as a single country from 1871 until 1945, when it was dissolved into two parts. In its entirety, the empire was a center of european politics and culture. The kingdom of prussia was founded in the 10th century as a place where germanic cultures couldconnect and mix. The empire of the german princes opened up new opportunities for culture, education, and trade. The empire also served as a center for several european civilizations, including the roman empire, the byzantine empire, and the ottoman empire. The german princes were influential in the development of the european modernity. this is a very beautiful blue max iron cross flag artwork. It is made out of high quality iron with a beautiful blue max flag texture. The artwork is from the royal german prussian obelisk statue. This is a beautiful piece of artwork and a great addition to any room.